Pinky!Who named the fingers? Pointer, I get; you usually point with it. Pointing with your thumb would be stupid and you’d look a lunatic giving everyone a thumbs-up. Middle finger, I think that’s a different type of pointing altogether. Pointing with your pinky would just look silly. What if i wanted to point with my ring finger? I can’t even straighten it all the way without another finger opening with it. Which takes us to the ring finger. It sounds like you’re typecasting it. The only use for it is rings. Anything else would be deplorable. Thumbs sounds like dumb, which is just altogether ridiculous. Pinky; what an odd, girly name for it. “Look at my pinky!” I can’t even picture some monster sports athlete say to a doctor, “My pinky hurts!” “Did my pinky break?” “Hi, Mr. Pinky. How are you?” OK, that’s just silly.

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