A cell phone. That’s just great.

images8.jpgMy T-Mobile phone broke a while ago and I’ve using Dina’s old phone. I’ve recently decided that I should get a new phone. One I love. I think QWERTY/email is the way to go; we’re nearing the end of 2007, for Pete’s sake. (I know Pete. He’s the goods.)

The problem:

EVERY phone is good, but terrible. You can read 20 reviews of a phone, in which you will read words like Godsend, amazing, life-saver, etc. Then, you read other reviews of said phone and you see troublesome words like awful, disaster, never again, etc. Some of the negativity might be directed towards a particular phone malfunction, which is going to happen to everyone once in a while, but a majority just say it stinks.

How does one just find a phone that’s a solid, all around, T-Mobile phone? I think Santa, unicorns, and the Tooth Fairy are the only ones with a perfect phone that isn’t maligned by the multitude. I want a great phone. And a unicorn.


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